[Issue] Programs for companies to focus on, 2014 WATER KOREA


[Issue] Programs for companies to focus on, 2014 WATER KOREA

‘WATER KOREA’, No. 1 water industry exhibition in Korea The WATER KOREA is an indicator to check the current status of the Korean water industry and a chance for companies to introduce their technologies and products. In addition, it is the international festival for the water industry which plays a role as a bridge for the mutual exchange for related officials through various programs.

  Starting from 2002, the 13th WATER KOREA in 2014 is under the preparation ahead of its grand opening in the newly opened Exhibition Center II of Goyang KINTEX on March 18. The 2014 WATER KOREA which will be reformed as the hub for the development in the water industry and overseas market with bigger scale than the 2013 WATER KOREA and various programs! Let’s have a look at the difference in the 2014 WATER KOREA and programs on which companies should focus.   water korea contents title What makes the 2014 WATER KOREA different and more evolved? First, it is the ‘exhibition scale’ that shows much difference from the 2013 WATER KOREA. The 2014 WATER KOREA will be with the area of 17,000m2 and 638 booths from 207 companies, expanded from the 2013 WATER KOREA with the area of 14,400m2 and 610 booths from 185, increasing by 22 compaies and 28 booths. Comparing the previous WATER KOREA exhibitions, this year’s exhibition will be a top 3 event among the 2007 WATER KOREA and the 2010 WATER KOREA, expecting that the even becomes the biggest expo

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in the water industry in Korea. 2014waterkorea_01 In addition, the 2014 WATER KOREA holds various events in addition to ghb en viagra the exhibitions. A total of 20 programs will be held including the ‘Counselling on Export’ which will be the event firstly held in 2014 with 15 buyers from China and Southeast Asia, international exchange events, seminar programs and linked events for the officials in the water industry and the member organizations to find out various business chances and to have a look at the trend in the local and foreign industries. With the expectation on abundant and prepared exhibition, it would be good for the companies taking part in the 2014 WATER KOREA to thoroughly check to maximize the effect on the participation. Here is the introduction on programs on which the companies should focus in the 2014 WATER KOREA.   water korea contents title Programs for companies to focus on, 2014 WATER KOREA Remarkable linked events to be held in the 2014 include the international water industry exhibition, counselling on export, policies nurturing the water industry and investment project briefing, Korea – China water http://viagrasildenafil-online.com/ form and

Korea – China – Japan water resources use workshop.

  • Remarkable program 1 – Exhibition

2014waterkorea_02 The exhibition or the battlefield with fierce marketing competition among companies already completed the recruiting of participating companies in January and 270 local and foreign companies in the water industry will join the exhibition. The fields of the exhibition range weighing, measuring, analysis / water treatment and maintance / valve, actuator, pump / water storage, coating, protection vessel / conduit / government and public organization and proivde chances to look at cutting-edge technologies, products and trends in the whole part of the water industry including waterworks and wastewater. The materials and the products account for 34.1% of the participating companies, followed by 22.2% of weighing, measuring and test equipment and 14.6% of water treatment facilities, personal sewage and advanced treatment. Summing up the 3 top businesses, the portion became 70.8%, saying that the materials and measuring equipment were classified as the main product group in the exhibition. The international water industry exhibition is a good chance for related or intertest companies and officials to understand the current position of the Korean water industry and achieve information on the products and technologies.  

  • Remarkable program 2 – Counselling on export

2014waterkorea_03 The most outstanding part in the 2014 WATER KOREA is ‘Export consulting for foreign buyers’. It is the first event ever in the WATER KOREA and a program fully planned for participating companies to explore foreign markets to sales routes. The counselling is for China and Southeast Asian countries which have been rapidly emerged as new water industry markets and a total of 47 buyers expressed the intention on the participation so far, showing high interest in the products and techologies of Korea. Among them, 15 buyers are selected for the counselling on export http://viagrasildenafil-online.com/ and there will be support for about 90 participating companies to directly meet the buyers for expoerts through the matching in advance. The counselling is

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provided to the companies taking part in the exhibition for free and will be held in the counselling on exhibition hall separately prepared in the exhibition hall for 2 days.





March 19 (Wed)


One-to-one counselling between companies and buyers

Counselling place in the exhibition hall

March 20 (Thu)


Visit the booths and free discussion

Exhibition http://viagrasildenafil-online.com/ hall

The potential participants include representing directors and officials in charge of the purchase in the water industry of Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Uzbekistan, India, Malaysia and Singapore It is the first counselling on export supported by the WATER KOREA, it is expected to lead the counselling to expoert and will be held every year with more expanded scale to explore foreign markets for Korean companies. Let’s have a look at the first step of the counselling which will grow its impact as a core program of the WATER KOREA.  

  • Remarkable program 3 – Policies nurturing the water industry and investment project briefing

2014waterkorea_04 The water industry has been emerged as a future industry with large marketability in the environment

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sector and in addition, the industry has been grown by the support from the government. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the directions of government policies and business plans in the water industry first and establish following business strategies and implementation plans for the success of the companies. The policies of nurturing the water industry and investment project briefing are the joint meeting which introduce the policies of the local and foreign waterworks and wastewater industries and projects to related companies and officials for the purpose of sharing technical data and providing business information to local companies. The meeting consists of 3 sessions with the presentations by the Ministry of Environment, local governments, construction and engineering companies and public organizations the companies achieve business plans of a year and directions of government organizations and major public bodies.


Work field

Participating organization

Session 1

Policy direction of the water industry

Ministry of Environment, local governments

Session 2

Business plan and progress of local and foreign companies

Construction and engineering companies

Session 3

Business plans on the water (environment) industry and order plans

Division exploring foreign markets and introduction of exhibition delegates

Public organizations

(K-water, LH, Public Procurement Service, etc.)

  The meeting is expected to provide directions on the development for companies with insufficient information on the policies so far and be a program to help the companies.

  • Remarkable program 4 – sildenafil over the counter Korea – China Water Forum / International Water Reuse Workshop / Global Water Network Meeting

2014waterkorea_05 WATER KOREA propels various globalization programs to fully play a role as a medium to expand the networking in the local water water industry, stimulate business among companies by connecting local and foreign companies, the Korean government, foreign organizations and government officials. Remarkable globalization program includes the Korea – China Water Forum / International Water Reuse Workshop / Global Water Network Meeting The 2nd Korea – Chinese Water Forum is co-hosted by the Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association and the Chinese Urban Water Association which signed an MOU with the Korean counterpart with the participants like officials from both associations, business people and experts comprised of business-centered programs to support entering the Chinese market by introducing major issues in the countries and discussions. About 50 officials in the associations, industries, academy and research field in both countries and there will be in-depth discussions on entering the Chinese market. In addition, International Water Reuse Workshop co-hosted by the Korean Society on Water Environment is the chance to develop major policies, technical trend and international standards in the field of water resources for 3 Northeast Asian countries with 100 government officials, scholars, companies and experts. It is the venue where 3 countries share the sustainable use and development of water resources, importance in the conversation and major technologies and will be a meaningful event for related companies and officials to have serious consideration and propose development directions. water korea contents title 2014 WATER KOREA, chance of the 2nd leap In addition to major programs mentioned above, the 2014 WATER KOREA prepares a lot of programs like international exchange events and seminar programs (12) / linked events like reception and general meeting for the people in the water industry (3) / linked events for the member organizations like division head meeting in metropolitan cities and meeting for the officials in the waterworks and wastewater (5) to provide useful information and

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chance for exchange. 2014WATERKOREA_Invitation_english ▶ 2014 WATER KOREA EVENTS & PROGRAMS ▶ 2014 WATER KOREA INVITATION ▶ 2014 WATER KOREA Brochure It is the most important for companies in the Korean water industry to take a second leap toward the foreign market in the era when the importance in the water industry and the growth potential are sufficiently shared at the national level. It is certain that the 2014 WATER KOREA faithfully plays it role with its new ambitious programs and linked events. Here, the moves of companies entering the global market with the 2014 WATER KOREA ready for going down in the history of local exhibitions.  

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