Watch the Hall of Korea in THAI WATER 2013

Watch the Hall fo Korea in THAI WATER 2013

The Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association formed the Hall of Korea with 10 local companies and joined the THAI WATER 2013 held for 7 days from June 4 to 13, 2013 The exhibition is one of the biggest event in the buy viagra water industry exhibitions

with the ASIA WATER of Malaysia, the VIET WATER, the WATER PHILIPPINES and the MYANMAR WATER under strategic support.

Watch the Hall of Korea in THAI WATER 2013

Even though the THAI WATER 2013 is not a big event in the aspect of area with 13,000m2, it shows high portion of participation from foreign countries, held 7 halls of countries like Korea, Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Israel and Germany and 213 countries with various technologies

in 31 countries with trends in the global water industry. 한국상하수도협회_워터코리아_태국물산업전시회참관기01 In particular, the THAI WATER 2013 was jointly held with the ‘Renewable Energy’, ‘Entech Pollutec’ and ‘Pumps & Valves’ to achieve the synergy, welcomed 18,800 people from 30 countries for 7 days of the exhibition and experienced products and new technologies of global water treatment companies. Twenty people from 10 40mg cialis online Korean companies which joined the Hall of Korea in the THAI WATER 2013 included Asung Clean Flowtec, Shinjin Precision Industry, Zain Technology, PPI Pyunghwa, Samjin Precision, HM Digital, Seoyong Engineering, Sentech, High Sten and Newbotek, 1,100 visitors came to the hall and enjoyed chances of understanding trend and advanced technoogies in the Korea water companies.

THAI WATER 2013 upgrading the satisfaction from participants viagra online with unique programs

The THAI WATER 2013 was characterized by operating unique programs for the member companies and featured the ‘Business matching program’ (matching buyers and participating companies, separating free and paid companies and for the latter, the program secures meeting with buyers with certain occasions) to increase the satisfaction from the participants viagra 50mg pret and maximized the promotion by issuing the Show Daily, a tabloid bulletin with 2 papers to deliver daily issues during the exhibition. The Hall of Korea was introduced twice during the exhibition. 한국상하수도협회_워터코리아_태국물산업전시회참관기02 The performance of Korean companies joining the THAI WATER tadalafil 2013 was outstanding thanks to such unique programs. The total meetings held in the hall and the amount of contract money during the exhibition were 383 and $6,413,000, respectively and the survey on the post order for the participants 6 month later showed that there were 5 orders amonting to $1,250,000. Korean companies which took part in the THAI WATER 2013 were surprised at the number of interviews more than expected and assessed that it was a high time to join the exhibition in the aspect of marketability in South East Asia. Also, many companies answered that they secured a stepping stone for entering the South East Asian market with the form of sales agencies and branches and it was enough to understand the market trend and survey in buy viagra the region. Most

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participants positively assessed the participation in future foreign exhibitions very much even though the THAI WATER 2013 was the first event held in overseas for them. 한국상하수도협회_워터코리아_태국물산업전시회참관기03 The scale of exhibitions like the THAI WATER 2013 held in South East Asia was still small. However, water industry exhibitions are newly formed or expanded recently in China and South East Asian countries, expecting the growth potential for the water industry and the expansion of future exhibition. It is required to aggressively explore foreign markets and keep an eye on the trend and features for Korean companies

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