Does it really need for a company to join an exhibition?

Does it really need for a company to join an exhibition?

The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) stated that 31,000 exhibitions were held a year worldwide and the Europe and the North America accounted for more than 80% combined with 13,700 and 12,500 exhibition, respectively. Asia took 9% or 2,770 exhibitions and as of 2011, Korea held a total of 552 exhibitions. Does it really need for a company to join an exhibition_info The exhibition industry centered by the Europe and the US has expanded with the foundation for the Asian exhibition industry which has rapidly been emerged since the 21st century. In line with this trend, the Korean government enforced the ‘Act on the Exhibition Industry Development’ in September 2008 to sharpen the competitive edge of cialis viagra ou levitra the exhibition industry and nurture international exhibition industry.
Emerging the importance of the exhibition industry

The exhibition industry is the secondary high value-added industry formed and founded by the development in the primary infrastructure industry and plays a role as a barometer for the industrial development of the number of exhibitions and the scale in the field. The importance in the global exhibition has been emerged as an integrated marketing method in such an era of low growth and the exhibitions in the field of the water industry have been reinvigorated worldwide led by advanced countries like the US and France, as well as the emerging market including Southeast Asia like other exhibition industry of the ICT and the electronics. WATERKOREA_Does it really need for a company to join an exhibition07 The water industry exhibition held in the exhibition halls contains macroscopic economic effects including the security of the trade infrastructure, expanding trade / investment in related industries and income and plays a role as an integrated marketing channel in presenting new technologies of water industry companies and establishing new business fields. In particular, the exhibition secures professional conferences over the shelf viagra and seminars to maximize the role of the exhibition as an effective marketing channel and prepares consulting and exhibition sessions to create business opportunities in like with the trend of the recent exhibition industry in the globalization, bigger scale, specialization and business.

Company, play the game with the exhibition marketing

As mentioned before, the advanced marketing based on the solid ground of the infrastructure has become an important issues in the business of special industries in the era of low growth. In particular, with the sluggish economy, the consistent communication becomes crucial in planting positive attitude to the company and the products to create new business opportunities. The marketing through the exhibition makes such communication more efficient and effective. WATERKOREA_Does it really need for a company to join an exhibition01 The participation in an exhibition provides a lot of benefits for the company in various aspects. It provides the direct communication between the participating company and the visitors and enables candid dialogs and consulting using all the senses of the human including listening and watching. Also, the business opportunity from the participation in the exhibition helps understand certain markets and pave a road for the future success. Most of all, the biggest advantage of the exhibition is to pioneer certain markets with difficulties in approaching with existing marketing methods. This is sure for the special industries like the water industry and the special exhibition may play the biggest role in exploring overseas markets where companies have difficulties in the approaches. In addition, the participating company faces its competitors, enabling to directly compare the price and the performance, as well as exchanging overall information in the industry.

The strategy matters to joining the exhibition

Three ‘prerequisites’ are required to achieve the goal and successfully join the exhibition with various advantages. WATERKOREA_Does-it-really-need-for-a-company-to-join-an-exhibition02-2 First is to make certain goals. It is to define target customers and specific figures and it is important to take part in the exhibition after configuring specific figures including the number of new potential customers, the number of customers joining the demonstration of the new product and the number of existing customers. It long term viagra use is because a specific goal becomes the motivation in achieving the goal.The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) states that more than 71% of the participating companies did not set up their goals. This may be easily overlooked but without it, the meaning of joining the exhibition may be degraded to ‘participation for the participation’, rather than the business opportunity. Second is to set

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up a realistic goal. It is important to set up a reaslistic goal rather than daydream figures. The exhibition is held within a limited space of ‘booth’, limited number of workers and limited time. It is the method to get closer to achieving the goal by setting up specific figures including the average conversation time for a visitor and expected contracts using these limited conditions. Third is to share the goal at the company level. The specific goal shall be shared with the person in charge, department in charge and the executives and the marketing activities shall be performed at the company level. It is a way to remind the importance in the project and requirement to take various efforts for the success by sharing the goal with company members.

Systematically prepare the exhibition before the participation

The participation strategy of an exhibition shall be fully established after setting up the specific goal for the exhibition for the company before joining the exhibition. sildenafil citrate In particular, it is important the set up goals in detail by specifying the preparation, site management and follow-up management in the strategy. WATERKOREA_Does-it-really-need-for-a-company-to-join-an-exhibition03 The first and foremost preparation is to set up a list of buyers before the exhibition begins. The list shall be secured by individual buyer attractions and in particular, it is good to make a list focusing on promising buyers with high possibility for the participation in the exhibition. First, promote the participation of the company in the exhibition using Internet tools including e-mails after the rough list is completed. The Internet is the notification tool at handy and does not require a lot of cost. Next is to send an invitation with the introduction of the company / products / contact for the person in charge / telephone number / booth information 2 to 3 months before the exhibition. Last, the participation

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and possibility for the consulting of the buyer are confirmed by the TM. Next, establish the consulting schedule and set up the plan based on the contents confirmed by the TM. First of all, set up the plan by reflecting the schedule of the buyer and it is good to talk about specific business by the appointment with major buyers for the dinner. The buyer visit is intense during the exhibition and it is required to make the schedule in advance not to be mingled and tangled. The interest and requests from the buyer shall be checked in advanced and specific plan shall be set up for each issue. Other issues include the posting of the company information on various promotion materials like

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the exhibition directory, show guide and entrance without omission. The CEIR reported that the prior marking activities affected the decision-making for the exhibition participants and was an important activity which helped the efficient communication by enabling the prior selection among the VIP, potential buyer and general visitors.

Remember this for the exhibition site operation

The exhibition site is a place for the direct communication with the visitor and the preparation shall be fully formed to quickly respnd the situation and collect the data. WATERKOREA_Does it really need for a company to join an exhibition04 Several issues in mind for the exhibition operation are as follows: First, dispatch the professional counselor with authority. Smooth and quick counseling upgrades the possibility for was ist cialis tadalafil making a business chance in the exhibition site when the buyer comes to the exhibition. The counselor without the authority may say ‘Let me check’ or ‘Let me discuss’ may weaken the willingness of the buyer for the trade. Quickly finish the counseling by using the counselor with a certain level of decision-making and authority. Second, meet the new buyer in advance for the clear understanding. Sometime, the prediction inhibits the business. The response to the new buyer with the expected scenario may be different from the expectation in the site. Rather, meet the buyer in advance to understand what they buyer wants to increase the success for the business. Third, prepare the chance to get closer to the buyer. The business chance may come out of blue. Try to get closer to the existing buyers, as well as the promising buyers during the exhibition. It

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is important to prepare personal affinity like the dinner to genericviagra-bestrxonline upgrade the personal relationship. Fourth, fully use the card reader. The buyer carries a card with the information of the buyer from 20 mg cialis best price the prior or the site registration when they buyer joins. Install the card reader in the booth to easily achieve the buyer information and it is good to use the collected DB as a follow-up. Fifth, write the counseling log. It is good to precisely record the buyer to effectively provide the services and contact the buyer later. The log form which may specifically record major contents of the counseling, measures taken and particular events for the buyer shall be prepared in advance and be filled right after the counseling to avoid confusion or omission. The log helps prevent future mistakes in advance. Sixth, fully take advantage of winning an award in the exhibition. Most exhibitions provide benefits for the participating companies. Not only base benefits for all the companies, but also special benefits including the quality certification for some companies and it is good to fully prepare for winning the prize. Seventh, fully join the friendly activities and networking events for the industry officials. It is good to expand the networking by holding an additional event by the company itself if available, as well as join the prize-winning ceremony, reception and seminar. This helps you collect new information, understand the generic levitra online pharmacy trend through the officials and take chances for the cooperation. Eighth, the exhibition shall focus on the demonstration, not the display. The exhibition is a place for the communication with 5 senses of human and it is good to prepare the exhibition focusing on the demonstration to maximize the advantages. Remember that the visitors have interests in checking the performance, features and instructions on the product rather than simple display. Ninth, look around other booths if available to exchange the opinions. The advantage of the exhibition is to have a look at the intense products of other companies. Looking around other booths helps understand the overall atmosphere of the exhibition and achieve good information.

The follow-up matters.

The meaning of the exhibition is not in the participation but in the process of realization by fully using the information collected from the exhibition and the network. Therefore, the follow-up of the exhibition is an important process to increase the sales revenue from the exhibition in the future. One of the follow-ups to maximize the effect in the participation in the exhibition is to send a letter or an e-mail to all the visitors for the appreciation. Remember that the customer may be touched even by very small kindnedd and consideration. Send the letter or the e-mail as quickly as possible, at least within 2 weeks after the exhibition to remind the image to the buyer. WATERKOREA_Does it really need for a company to join an exhibition05 Next, categorize the visitors with various levels based on the possibility for the trade and focus on regularly and continually contacting them. Then, quickly send the information to the major visitors after the exhibition and help the visitors understand by quickly responding the visitors who request the information or if the company has something to show or deliver later. Remember that you can make a new customer by not deleting from the list but sending the data for the exhibition if a buyer with the high possibility for the visit did not join the exhibition. Most of all, the company shall assess the participation in the exhibition itself. The company shall analyze all the issues related to the exhibition including whether the goal set up before the exhibition was achieved, what was the difference, which information the company achieved from the exhibition and how it would be utilized, how the visitors reacted in the booth and what to be improved. Also, the company shall make a checklist for the future exhibition by writing a review report to make it valuable for other exhibitions.

The water industry, focus on the exhibition

Today, countries in the world focus on nurturing the water industry and experts forecast that buy viagra the global water market would increase by 4.9% on the annual average and amount to $865 billion in 2025.In line with this trend, the water industry expo tends to become bigger and be expanded in the Southeast Asia and China. (Refer to the link of The Exhibition Industry with the Development in the Water Industry and WATER KOREA) The WATER KOREA, the biggest water industry expo and other various exhibitions seek to grow the local water industry and keep expanding on the quality and the quantity basis to provide meaningful business chances for the companies. WATERKOREA_Does it really need for a company to join an exhibition06 Thanks to these efforts and development in the exhibition companies of the water industry, a lot of local companies choose the exhibition as an effective tool in exploring overseas water markets. It is because it is a chance to achieve most intense information and business opportunities within a limited period of time and a certain place. The companies which succeeded in the exhibition through thorough preparation may achieve a lot of business chances, human network and valuable information as assets. It is the water industry where the requirement for exploring a new market and global business with high possibility for the growth. Therefore, the water industry exhibition has become a requirement for the companies, not an option.

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