The Exhibition Industry with the Development in the Water Industry and WATER KOREA

The Exhibition Industry with the Development in the Water Industry and WATER KOREA

The Global Water Intelligence (GWI) announced that the global water market reached $556.8 billion in 2013. In addition, the industry has grown at the pace of 3.9% on annual average and is expected to expand to $674.2 billion in 2018. Against this backdrop, countries in the world have focused on nurturing the water industry and the number of companies in the industry has doubled from about 70 in 1999 to 164 canada online pharmacy reviews in 2010. Experts forecast that the industry keeps growing with the annual rate of 4.9% and would reach $865 billion in by 2025.
Infographic : Global Water Industry Ranking by Countries

Infographic : Global Water Industry Ranking by Countries

The United what would viagra do to a girl States takes the lead in the global water industry. The country takes the lion’s share amounting to $109 billion, followed by Japan with $76.1 billion and China with $58.1 billion. Korea takes the 9th place following France with $31.2 billion, Germany with $21.3 billion, the UK with $18.8 billion, Brazil with $18.3 billion and Australia with $15 billion. The 10th top country is Italy with $8.8 billion. The water industry of Korea takes the 9th largest portion in the global market but with the share of 1.6%, suggesting that a lot of tasks remain to grow the local water industry. The global demand for the water industry naturally flows from developed to developing countries and it is judged that the growth potential and momentum are sufficient for the developing countries. The Southeast Asian region is a place with rapid expansion in the demand for water and rapid economic growth, has rapidly become an emerging market with the future growth of the water industry, meaning that it is required to keenly focus on the changes in the Asian countries and take strategic approaches depending on the pace of other countries and companies.
The exhibition is a battlefield among companies and countries

The feature in the exhibition industry is to emerge and grow after developing the fundamental industry. For example, the development in the ICT and electronic industry lead the creation of large exhibitions including the CES and CeBIT, as well as develop the events. The case is a common feature in all the industries and the number and the scale of events become the benchmark for the industrial development.



As well, the water industry has shown trend in newly establishing or expanding existing large-scale exhibitions based on the recent growth. Such trend becomes clear
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in Southeast Asian countries and China and major regional countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Myanma and the Philippines show rapid changes including large expansion or establishment in the existing water industry exhibitions. Large exhibition companies lead the trend in the exhibition industry and representing exhibitions in the water industry as a movement to achieve positive assessment and pre-emption for the growth potential in the water industry. The representing examples include the exhibition in 4 countries (the Netherlands, India, China, the US) of ‘AQUATECH’ by ‘Amsterdam RAI’, ‘POLLUTEC’ exhibition by ‘Reed Exhibitions’ and the exhibition for 5 countries by ‘UBM’ (Thailand, Vietnam, Myanma, Malaysia, the viagra expiry period Philippines). The number and scale of cheap viagra online in usa the exhibitions would be expanded very much considering professional water industry exhibitions held by individual associations and organizations like WATER KOREA of the Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association. ※ Reference – Foreign water industry exhibitions

Name Country City
Everything About Water EXPO 2014 India Delhi
INTERNATIONAL WATER SUMMIT Abu Dhabi 2014 Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi
WATER EXPO 2014 India Chennai
InterAqua 2014 Japan Tokyo
ASIA WATER 2014 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Water and Energy Technology & Environment Exhibition (WETEX) 2014 Arab Emirates Dubai
INDO WATER 2014 Indonesia Surabaya
Singapore Int’l Water Week 2014 Singapore Singapore
ACE 2014 he US Boston
AQUATECH CHINA 2014 China Shanghai
WATER TECH 2014 India Ghandanagar
VIET WATER 2014 Vietnam Hanoi
Myanmar Water 2014 Myanma Yangon
International Conference on China Urban Water Development and Expo China Changsha
WEFTEC 2014 the US Chicago
AQUATECH AMSTERDAM the Netherlands Amsterdam
Water Expo China 2014 China Beijing
POLLUTEC 2014 France Paris
WATER PHILIPPINES 2015 EXPO the Philippines City of Pasay
THAI WATER 2015 Thailand Bangkok
AQUATECH Amsterdam 2015 the Netherlands Amsterdam
WATER MAYLASIA Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

‘WATER KOREA’, No. 1 water industry exhibition in Korea

Despite a short history, it is the WATER KOREA, the international industrial industry exhibition which has shown the continuous growth in the quality and the quantity since the establishment in 2002 with increasing number of participating companies and diversifying linked programs. At that time, there was no concept in the water industry and the exhibition started as a professional event in the field of water and wastewater because the exhibition was not a public event. However, as time goes by, various programs including the conferences and seminars for the water industry, various competition and public probrams and other programs to exchange with local and foreign members, making the exhibition the biggest event in the water industry in Korea. The-Exhibition-Industry-with-the-Development-in-the-Water-Industry-and-WATER-KOREA Currently, the WATER KOREA is a largest water industry exhibition in Korea with various linked programs including academic seminars and the international water industry conference based on the international water industry exhibition. It may be said that the event is a party for the global water inudstry with government, official, industrial, academic and research parties. The WATER KOREA connects people in various organizations including companies, government, academic communities, research institutes and relevant organizations and plays a role as a bridge for such human network to be a foundation for the industrial development. The exhibition is a field of opportunity for workers in the water and wastewater industry to promote technologies and produce and develop new products and technologies and to achieve technologies and information and plays a role in stimulating the exchange of research results with the people in the academic communities. In addition, the WATER KOREA provides various related events like business meetings, conferences, seminars, receptions and exchanges among government and member organizations to link the people, technologies and industry, as well as chances to

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expand the business relations to lead the growth in the local water industry.

The result of the water exhibition around the world in 2012, 2013

The result of the water exhibition around the world in 2012, 2013


The WATER KOREA which will be held from March 18 to March 21, 2014 is to provide a chance for the joining countries to expand their businesses and enter the global arena.

Global Business Matching Program will be held for 2 days during the exhibition with 15 buyers officially invited from China and Southeast Asian countries rapidly focused on as an emerging water market. The event is provided to the joining companies for free and will be held for a day following the prepared schedule by the matching process for the applied companies with the most proper buyers. In addition, the counselling prepares a free counselling where the companies visit the exhibition hall and visits the company booths to provide counselling chances with buyers for the companies. Even though the invitation of 15 buyers is not large, the invitation would be expanded further and the WATER KOREA would be a chance to explore the foreign markets.
  • Period: 2014. 3. 19 (Tue) – 20 (Wed), 2 days
  • Venue: Inside the exhibition hall (TBA)
  • For whom: 15 invited foreign buyers, how to get viagra about 60 local companies
Date Time Contents Velue
3/19 (Wed) 10:00 ~ 12:00 Face-to-face counselling (Morning) Counselling place in the exhibition non prescription viagra walgreens hall
13:00 ~ 16:00 Face-to-face counselling (Afternoon) Counselling

place in the exhibition hall

3/20 (THU) Whole day Visit the booths and free discussion Exhibition hall

※ To receive the reception on joining the export counselling for companies in the exhibition in February 2014

The-Exhibition-Industry-with-the-Development-in-the-Water-Industry-and-WATER-KOREA_CONFERENCE There will be a briefing buycialisonline-rxcheap session on the polices of the water industry and investment plans by inviting government officials and companies from emerging market players like Vietnam, Thailand and India to achieve reliable information including policy platforms and investment plans from the countries. This will be beneficial to companies with where to buy generic viagra interest in investing, entering and exploring foreign markets.
The reception is a place not only for the joining companies but also major officials in the WATER KOREA and provides chances to exchange with participants from various fields and expand business networks. In particular, the contents of the reception is for the companies and officials from local governments to expand their ties. The-Exhibition-Industry-with-the-Development-in-the-Water-Industry-and-WATER-KOREA_RECEPTION
  • Period: 2014. 3. 19 (Tue), 1700 – 1800
  • For whom: Representing directors of joining companies, local government officials, invited buyers

  WATER KOREA is the leading exhibition in the water industry and many companies have joined for the last 12 exhibitions. In addition, the exhibition performs activities for foreign companies to have interests in the Korean market and companies and prepares to take a step further to meet Korean companies.

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